sanxin  CNC Machine Tool Company Limited (the original fine Fung machine tool factory ) is located in China's copper valves, auto distribution of all - Zhejiang Yuhuan. North Taizhou Huangyan airport, South Wenzh... ...

TCK40-45Tck40-45 CNC lathe for inclined guide
CJK0640linear guide CNC lathe
CJK6140CNC lathe
CJK6120automatic CNC lathe
CJK6120spray gun four - wheel lathe
Tck45-30nc lathe for oblique guide
CKNC8180CNC lathe
CJK6130CNC lathe
CJK6125CNC lathe
Cjk-6120CNC lathe
CJK0640turning and milling complex CNC lathe
Model CDC6280CNC lathe
CDC-350linear spindle CNC lathe
CDC-300linear spindle CNC lathe
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