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linear guide CNC lathe
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linear guide CNC lathe
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CJK0640 linear guide CNC lathe
  Details ofCJK0640linear guide CNC lathe

CJK0640 linear guide CNC lathe suitable for instrumentation, electrical appliances, connectors, auto parts, clocks, glasses, photographic equipment, cultural and educational supplies, cigarette lighter, accessories and so on

Parts production and processing, at the same time it has internal and external threads and small high-precision sphere, push surface, ultra-long and thin shaped workpiece processing capacity.

Spindle Maximum swivel diameter of bed 
300mmMaximum stroke of Z axis (mm)250mm
Flat track width200mmMain shaft apertureΦ32mm
Lathe bed layoutHorizontal layout 90 level rail bed

XZ axis adopts linear guide rail
Speed chuck3000r/m
Maximum rotation diameter 
through skateboard
Φ180Machine tool dimensions 
(length X width X height)
Maximum travel of X-axis (mm)500mmNet weight of machine tool (Kg)600
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