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CNC lathe
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CNC lathe
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CJK6140 CNC lathe
  Details ofCJK6140CNC lathe

CJK6140 CNC lathe adopts mechatronic integration design, with beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, wide range of USES, easy to operate, one person and many machine advantages, can achieve more

The outer circle, the end face, the inner hole, the cutting groove, the arbitrary cone surface, the sphere and each kind of public, the British system and the American system screw thread automatic cutting, may send and receives many kinds of signal, the automatic control

Processing procedure. The main shaft is supported by high precision rolling bearing, the towplate is driven by high precision ball rod longitudinally and laterally, and the guide rail is cast by wear-resistant cast iron with super sound

Quenching, and fine grinding, can long - term stability to ensure the machining accuracy and service life of the machine


This machine adopts thimble type limit spring chuck for clamping, which makes the workpiece easy to load and unload and accurate positioning. Or choose three jaw chuck clamping, the use of a wider range of machine tools. The machine

Widely used for door, plumbing, auto parts and other hardware parts batch finishing.

Maximum swivel diameter of bed 
Φ400Spindle revolution norm diagram 
(variable speed converter)
40-3000 revolutions
 per minute
Maximum return diameter of pallet
Φ200Fast feed speed (mm/min)3000-6000
Maximum workpiece length 
750ZX direction minimum setting unit
(pulse equivalent)
Maximum travel of X-axis 
800Machine tool dimensions 
(length X width X height)
Maximum stroke of Z axis 
750Net weight of machine tool 
Diameter of spindle through hole 
Φ60Rated voltage of supplyAc 380 v
Tool carriage toolRow of knifeDriver (motor)Step/ac servo
Spindle motor power7.5KWClamp deviceThree feet long
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