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Sanxin machine tool
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Yuhuan sanxin machine tool factory is a member of China machine tool business network, and machine tool business network to work together in the network marketing road.


Sanxin machine tool is located in the southeast coast of zhejiang gold coastline, 30 miles away from wenzhou airport, luqiao airport 60 kilometers, close to the 104 national road line, traffic is very convenient. Even so, in today's developed network and rapid development of e-commerce, sanxin resolutely also joined the ranks of online sales.


Sanxin machine tool mainly develops and manufactures CNC lathe, automatic CNC lathe, CNC automatic lathe, CNC instrument lathe, economic CNC lathe and customized various special machine tools. Enterprise technical level *. It has a complete set of production system and testing means. Enterprises rely on scientific management, and constantly absorb and introduce advanced technology. The enterprise pays attention to the brand image, develops the new product unceasingly and improves the product quality, develops the market with the zui good product.


Yuhuan sanxin machine tool factory has been adhering to the implementation of the "user *, quality first" business policy, product ", "development", and constantly improve and update; Based on the present, looking to the future, will be strict management, superior quality, integrity of service, write a new chapter in the machine tool industry. This factory will continue to take the market as the guidance, strives for the survival by the quality, strives for the development by the prestige. Organize production and sales with realistic and advanced total quality management.

"Today's quality, tomorrow's market", in the new century, we will continue to reform and innovation, the development of the market, I plant staff sincerely thank the new and old customers from all walks of life to our factory vigorously support and help, wholeheartedly and domestic and foreign counterparts to establish * cooperation, we hope that we win in cooperation, the development of the better and better. I will also zui good products and services with zui high sincerity and common development.